JZXR XR-1500 Deduster Combined Metal Separator

Deduster Combined with Metal Separator, Deduster Combined Metal Separator, Metal Separator Machine

Product Introduction

XR-1500 Deduster Combined Metal Separator

XR-1500 Deduster Combined with Mmetal Separator was designed with dust collection, feeding, metal detection and rejection function. Special combinatorial structure ensures the detection results. The conveying process is completely enclosed in order to provide safe and hygeian environment for drugs. Easy to operate because of integrated control system.


Tablet Deduster has achieved double functions of tablet dedusting and elevating. It is suitable for all kinds of tablets with advanced techonologies, removing dust, in the meantime keeping tablets up.

Product Features:

  1. Tablet Deduster machine is a advanced device specializing in tablet dedusting and feeding, which is suitable for all kinds of tablets;
  2. The tablet deduster applies the principle of dedusting and vibration, which can remove redundant powders, at the same time, continuous vibration keeps the tablets up;
  3. It has advantages of low noisy, Convenient dismantling,easy cleaning,attractive appearance,parts in contact with medicine all made of 316L stainless steel,design up to GMP standards;
  4. Product work-space and mechanical parts are completely separated in order to ensure that products and mechanical parts will not be affected by each other, then the products are safer.
  5. Five seconds to disassemble without help of tools, which is easy and convenient;
  6. The inner and outer structure both adopt stainless steel mirror; the outer is attractive and the inner is convenient for cleaning;
  7. Can combine with any types of compressor, end of discharge can connect with metal detector;
  8. Metallic parts that contacting with tablets are all made of stainless steel mirror 316L, which meets the demand of GMP.
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