JZXR XR-180C Vertical Pipeline Metal Separator

Metal Detector Separator, Metal Detector Separator for plastics, Metal Detector Separator for recyclable plastics, Vertical Pipeline Metal Detector

Product Introduction

XR-180CN Vertical Pipeline Metal Detector Separator

Working principles:

1.Raw materials fall through the 1 discharge pipe

2.Raw materials pass through the 2 detection coil

3.The detection coil deliver the detection results to the 3 controller

4.Once Detecting 4 metallic impurities, 5 rejection board immediately starts working 

5.The raw material containing metallic particles is separated from 6 unqualified outlet

6.Qualified products fall straightly from the 7 Qualified outlet


1.Intelligent detection, maintenance-free;

2.The material of housing are made of SUS304 as well as those components that directly touch products.

3.High sensitivity for all metals; effective shockproof, noiseproof with special construction design;

4.Various types of caliber can be chosen, which can meet all practical applications.

5.It can avoid mold because of product backlog and block.

6.Easy operation and Space-saving, compact design guarantees quick installation.

7.Patent-registered metal separator guarantees security, reproducible operation, even when dealing with high quantities of grinding stock(dust).

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