JZXR XR-2300D X-Ray Food Inspection System

Food Contaminant Detection System, Beverage Metal Detector, X Ray Machine for Medicine Inspection, Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Product Introduction

1. Comprehensive detection: it can detect foreign substances with high density, such as metal, glass, stone, bone, ceramic, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc.; The properties of products are applicable to a wide range of applications, such as plastic packaging, aluminum foil packaging, glass filling, metal canning, bulk testing, etc.
2. High-speed detection: the world’s leading computing and processing capacity, with the detection speed of up to 120 meters per minute, greatly meeting the production efficiency.
3. Excellent detection accuracy to ensure product quality and protect user brand reputation.
4. Rich development functions: multi-point omission detection, defect detection (product defect, package defect) screening section detection, liquid level height detection, high-speed elimination detection, remote control, integrated real-time management and other functions.
5. Simple operation: 15-inch touch screen operation, self-learning function, intuitive and simple operation experience. Automatically save the detection picture for users to track and trace.
6. Green and environmentally friendly design concept: all the accessories meet the food requirements, and the radiation leakage amount meets the us FDA and the European Union CE standard.
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