JZXR XR-508K Metal Detector Conveyor

Food Quality Inspection Machine, Needle Detector for Textile Production, Metal Testing Equipment for Meat Processing, X Ray Machinery

Product Introduction

XR-508K Metal Detector Conveyor

Main Features

1. This metal detecting system is designed to eliminate the interference from products themself. For example, products with high moisture may send a signal similar to that of metal to the detector, and thus reducing the testing accuracy
2. When several metal signals pass, the inspection instrument will record the number of signals automatically so that no products are missed
3. ADLINE microprocessor controller is employed
4. The conveyor adopts fully-welded high-strength stainless steel structure and PU belt
5. Metal detection sensitivity is maximized by special transmission structure
6. Customized modular design for different needs
7. Food grade stainless steel and open delivery system for easy cleaning
8. The conveyor suits production lines and detects automatically

9. Removal devices like flap plates and telescopic belt are available. The system is in line with IFS and HACCP standardsMetal Detector Conveyor Display

XR-508K metal detector conveyor is an ideal choice for the quality inspection system of industries like food processing (bread, steamed bread, dumplings, biscuits, and bun), medicine manufacturing, toy making, cloth and shoe making, chemical processing, and leather producing, etc. Metal impurities like iron or non-ferrmagnetic metals (nonferrous metals like iron, copper, aluminum and stainless steel are included) are picked out from the raw materials by the detection system.

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