JZXR XR-600 X-Ray Inspection System

Hold Baggage Screening Device, Security Check System, Baggage Detection Equipment for Railway Station, X-Ray Detection Solution

Product Introduction

1. XR-600 security check equipment employs an X-ray image processing system. The FPGA chip with high-speed algorithm, high-resolution large-screen display, extended functionality, accompanied with user-friendly human-machine interface provides a high inspection accuracy

2. Its processor with high speed adopts fully-embedded digital signal processing system
3. Multi-mode 0.4 × 2mm CMOS image sensor from Japan is adopted for the X-ray detecting equipment
4. X-ray tube made in the US is power and current adjustable
5. It is of high inspection accuracy and can clearly display the smallest debris, foreign bodies, and even 1.2mm-diameter metal wires
6. Inspection speed is adjustable, with the standard value to be 12m/min (600 bag/h)

XR-600 X-Ray Inspection System Screening Images

XR-600 X-Ray Inspection System screening images

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