WIPOTEC-OCS SC-S with Leak Detection

Reliable inspection of filled bottles

The SC-S X-ray scanner with leak detection is specifically designed for use in filling lines for the inspection of filled and sealed plastic bottles and cans (e.g. the food and beverage industry). Leak-tightness is measured in pressurised containers or in containers filled with a protective atmosphere. A market-relevant technology is used depending on the application.

This X-ray system, which has no radiation protection curtain, enables optimum product handling, even for tall, slender containers, and high-speed throughput rates of up to 60,000 containers/hour.

The SC-S with leak detection is simply and easily integ­rated in existing filling lines without having to open the transport route. The modular construction of the ­WIPOTEC-OCS X-ray scanners facilitates the fastest possible solutions.

Depending on the customer-specific application, ejectors integrated in the machine sort faulty products into lockable rejection bins or convey them upright into a sorting lane.

Inspection options:

  • Leak testing of the container
  • Foreign body detection
  • Filling level check
  • Screw cap or lid check
  • Integration of optical inspection on request
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