JZXR XR-600W X Ray Impurity Inspection Machine X-Ray Inspection System

X Ray Impurity Inspection Machine, X Ray Impurity Scanner for Railway Station, X-Ray Detection Solution For Bus Station, X Ray Impurity Detector Scanner Machine

Product Introduction

1,X-ray impurity detection machine can detect and sort the bulk materials and packing materials mixed with the impurities, and is especially applied to the packing materials detection, which is the brand new detection equipment different from the color sorter

2,With rich function algorithm,the X-ray impurity detection machine can realize the impurities, missing parts and weight detection, and various mask function

3,X-ray impurity detection machine is applicable to the material detection with larger density differences, and is especially applicable to the detection of stone, metal, glass and rigid plastics

4,Friendly human-machine interface is easy for operation,superior image management system is convenient for later data
x-ray inspection equipment screening images

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